Royal day!


Finally it's time, it's King's Day! Unfortunately not as I am used to. Corona has drastically changed our lives. But you should still be able to make it fun yourself and I am grateful that I am still well and healthy during this difficult time!



Sevda, Nitin and I had already scheduled a shoot for this day at the selected location Museumplein. It was still quiet around 11:30 am. We could have our shoot quietly. It was a beautiful spot. There was a large pond with colorful tulips in containers placed in the pond, but also outside around the large container.



After an hour it got a bit busier, but also fun! There were many people in orange to be seen. With music and beer like every year. Unfortunately you can't say it was like it used to be. You saw people keep their distance and not go wild. The atmosphere was different than usual.


Back in the days

Before the corona time it was all very different. Everywhere on the street, on the road, in alleys, you could eat well and there was so much variety, quite multicultural! Loud music could be heard everywhere, there was drinking, dancing, plays, too much to name! The large group of sellers who were selling their good old-fashioned on the sidewalk. King's Day was celebrated extensively.


In short

King's Day was really a special holiday, because of corona there is little to see! It's a real shame, it's also hard to say if it will go back to normal one day. Let's make the most of it by staying positive and supporting each other.

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28 May 2021 — Nitin Sharma