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Perfect date clothes for women. Play with colors this spring season with Roosoo Amsterdam. Clothes that make him blush and don't keep him from you

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Combine different garments to create a new style and fresh looks. Check out our styling guide to learn how to create different looks to suit the mood and must-have items in your wardrobebe

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
So many varieties to choose from and the quality of the products is very good too.
— Fatma
Customer reviews
I loved their style. The dresses I ordered were elegant, classy and they fitted my figure perfectly. All the clothes that I received were a great fit. Super comfortable and very stylish and fashionable.
— Isis Caljé
Customer reviews
The bodies feel wonderfully soft, have a wrap over and a fine satin look. The satin look gives the body a glamorous look.
— Esmée

Elegant wrap dress

Veerle wrap dress is made of supple stretch fabric that feels soft against the skin. The dress fits nicely on the body. The dress has a V-neck, belt and puff sleeves. Wear this fashion item off shoulder for a playful effect.

Available in 5 colors

Sustainable fashion

We work with companies and designers to create the best quality clothing in an environmentally friendly way, made from high quality materials.

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